Thrivability Montreal is hosted and supported by the following people:

Michelle Holliday has over 20 years experience in brand strategy, with particular expertise in authentic marketing. At Cambium Consulting, she helps clients develop the competencies necessary to engage employees and customers on a thrivable (!) basis.  She is driven by the desire to help usher in an expanded set of beliefs and practices based on a view of organizations as living systems.   

To learn more about her work, visit  www.cambiumconsulting.com. To learn about her views on thrivability, visit her blog at www.solarium.cambiumconsulting.com.

Arnel (A.J.) Javier is the founder and General Director of Culture and Language Connections (CL Connections), a thriving language school in Montreal. He created the school “not to create wealth - but to create meaning. I wanted to make a difference in the world... but on a local scale.” In operation since April 2010, the school already has a vibrant and rapidly growing community of staff and students. 

To learn more about CL connections, visit: www.clconnexions.com.  To learn more about A.J.'s views on new ways of organizing, read this article about him: http://wojolo.com/fr/business/62/cl-connections

ManLi Que is a young business graduate, currently working in fundraising, and is passionate about sustainability, spirituality, nature and arts. At a very young age, she learned that there was much more to life than following the conventional path created by our society. Life is a journey to be discovered and lived fully based on our true values. She sees the world as a place filled with life, love and beauty; and she tries to capture those in images. 
Excited to be involved with Thrivability Montreal, she manages this website and helps to plan the conversation series.
To view her photography, visit http://inspiritia.tumblr.com/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/inspiritia/

Jennifer Shepherd provides dynamic meeting design and facilitation, graphic recording, and guidance and support for community building.  She has over 15 years of experience helping not-for-profit and private organizations perform at their best.  

In the Thrivability Montreal series, she will be sharing her graphic recording talents, harnessing the power of conversation by organizing and synthesizing complex ideas into a visual tapestry of words and images. 
To learn more about Jennifer, visit http://www.livingtapestries.ca/.