Welcome to the website for Thrivability Montreal, a monthly conversation series to explore new ways of leading and working in organizations. The series was started by several of us who shared the following questions:

* How can our organizations be more “thrivable” – successful and sustainable themselves, but also deeply fulfilling for the people involved, enriching for the communities they serve, and in harmony with nature?
* What if we think of organizations as living ecosystems? How would that change what we do?
* Are there examples of organizations that already operate with that view? What can we learn from them?
* How can we learn from each other and our own experiences? And how can we find the courage to try new ways of thinking and interacting?

We'll be gathering in person every month, generally from 6-9pm, at a variety of locations. (RSVP is required.)

Please explore the site for details. Or get in touch with Michelle Holliday at michelle@cambiumconsulting.com.

We hope you can join in the conversation!